May 20, 2013

More Pictures (part 2)

August '12

August saw me finish my 2nd try at Business Calculus and get an A in the class!  Earlier in the month I started an internship working for a friend who is a CPA.  It has been a great opportunity for me to learn hands on skills.  

The kids and I headed to Utah and spent time with family camping at Cherry Hill.  There was a full day of swimming and playing in the water park, mini golf, rock wall climbing, and the batting cages.  

The kids  and I both returned to school.  Emilie started the 3rd grade and Phillip the 6th grade.   Aunt W. & Uncle J. were in town so the kids got to spend some time with them.  

And we went to Flying Pie for our 1st day to school dinner.

Sept '12
No pictures this month, we were all still trying to adjust to the new school year for the kids and my new semester.  The kids both had parts in the primary program.  This was Phillip's last year for that which made me a little sad.  I got called up for jury duty.  Thankfully I wasn't chosen as it would have been a 3 week murder trial and I knew that I couldn't miss that much class time and still pass my classes.  I treated myself to a late birthday present and went to the Morrison Center and saw Les Mis.  It was fabulous!!  When I was 17 my dad took me to San Francisco to see it for the first time and I remember being blown away by it.  It was fun to get to re-live that experience, just wish my dad could have come with me again! 

Oct '12
Emilie wrote about her family, it was fun to see what she thinks we all like to do.    

 We went to a friends Halloween party and the kids carved pumpkins, took turns riding on a 4-wheeler, and chasing a chicken. We all had a great time!

Emilie was a butterfly and Phillip a Ninja!

 Later in the month we went to the schools chili feed/ school fundraiser and both the kids participated in the pumpkin pie eating contest.  Phillip was barely beaten by a girl in his class, and Emilie realized she didn't like pumpkin pie. And they both got their faces painted.  Everyone had a great time and the school raised lots of money.

Nov '12
November was a very busy month for our family.  Last year the Boise Temple had a major overhaul done on it.  So before it was re-dedicated there was a open house.  The kids and I were able to go together and take a tour of the temple.  In 2008 the kids had been able to walk through the Twin Falls temple during the open house, but neither really remembered it well.  This time I think they will both remember the inside of the temple and the feelings that they had while there.  I went through the open house two other times with friends.  Including taking some dear friends from school and their mothers too.  It was such a privilege for me to get to share something as special as the temple with my friends.  

 I went to a BSU home football game with some girlfriends.  It was so cold, but we enjoyed ourselves anyways!  

The next day the kids and I were able to watch the Boise Temple be re-dedicated by President Monson.  It was the first time any of us had been to a temple dedication, and it was such a special experience for me to be able to share with Phillip and Emilie.

For Thanksgiving we all headed to Provo to spend time with 4 of my siblings.  We had a great week enjoying the time with family.

Emilie decided to have her hair cut and donate it to Locks of Love.  So proud of her and love her new hair-do!

Thanksgiving morning we went shooting out at the Payson dump with family.  We all had a great time.  Emilie got to shoot for the first time.  Phillip tried out lots of different guns.  A good time was had by all!

After target practice my very talented niece Maddie took family photos for us.

Later that day we were able to enjoy a yummy Thanksgiving dinner with some of our family.

And this is how our family spends time together after eating to much yummy food!

And last but not least I finally after too many years without one was able to get a piano. So excited to start playing again!

Dec '12
December kept us on our toes, we had so much to do!  I finished up my semester and was happy to see it end.  Emilie started making a schedule of sorts for her day.  Love her creativity.  

Both kids performed in their Christmas concert.  Emilie sang with her class and Phillip performed with the 6th grade orchestra, still playing the violin.

We went to our ward's Christmas brunch, and the kids got to visit with Santa.  Phillip is almost too big to sit on Santa's lap, so Santa sat on Phillip's instead.

 Emilie got her turn too, but choose to sit on Santa's lap as she didn't want to get squished.

 Out first live tree in several years.  We were all excited to have a live tree again!

The kids Christmas morning. Looking a little tired, but excited to open presents!

Phillip showing off his new "mustache".  My he is growing up fast!!

And that is the end of the pictures for 2012.  What a busy busy year it was.  I'm tired just trying to remember all we did.  

The One in Where I Post a Lot of Photos (part 1)

I can't even begin to cover everything that has happened in the last year so I will just post pictures and hope you can follow them.

Phillip turned 11 and  earned his Arrow of Light award and moved up to 11 yr. old scouts

March '12
The kids and I hiked Table Rock for the 1st time. And Phillip got to be an missionary for the night.

Phillip was continuing with safety patrol at school and Emilie was making spiders at the library.

 May '12
Emilie was student of the month in 2nd grade.  Phillip continued playing the violin. 

Both kids earned hall of fame awards, so proud of both kids and all their hard work in school.  They are both great students. Emilie's art piece was chosen as one of two art pieces from her school that would travel around the school district next school year.  

Emilie's art piece.

 Emilie shows that she has her own sense of style.  She seems to be channeling Miss Kitti.

I traveled to Utah to watch my nieces Miss K & Miss M graduate from high school.  So proud of these girls!!

Miss Kitti also came to Utah to visit also and we were able to see our niece Miss C get married in the Draper Temple.  Here are the 5 Holmes girls together again!

June '12
Saw me back in school for the summer. The kids spent time with friends and family while I was in class.  The kids spent time at the water park, in the pool, reading, and we all hiked Table Rock again.

And I went shooting for the first time and realized I loved it!

July '12
Phillip & Emilie got to spend the 4th of July with their dad & his family.  And I met some friends in Melba and watched an amazing firework display.  Reminds me of the ones at the Santa Rosa Fair growing up.  I took the kids to the Boise Music Festival where we saw Kelly Pickler, SmashMouth, and LLCool J.  Emilie wasn't thrilled with how loud it was, but we all had a fun time and no one got sunburned!! And then we went with some friends to see a movie in Julia Davis park and the kids got their faces painted and henna tattoos on their hands. Lots of fun!